Why is Bamboo so Important?

Why is Bamboo so Important?

Bamboo isn’t something which immediately comes to mind as a material used to make bags, but it’s actually incredibly suited to the job. Bamboo is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials in the world, and we’re all about eco-friendly. Here are just a few of the characteristic advantages boasted by this unsung hero of the natural world.

Minimal Impact

Bamboo is technically part of the grass family, though it is often referred to as wood and farmed in the same way as trees. However, unlike trees, bamboo plants can thrive when given access to only the smallest amount of water, and does not require chemicals, fertilizers, or even manure. This means cultivation requires the input of a minimal amount of either natural or manmade resources.

Rapid Growth

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It will mature completely – to the point where it can be replanted – within seven years. In stark comparison, trees will take 30-50 years to achieve the same process. Certain species have even grown 3 inches in a single day. In fact, bamboo can yield up to 20 times more timber than trees planted across the same area since their spreading root structure produces several shoots, permitting horizontal growth.

Supporting the World

Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than a comparably-sized grove of trees, so it actually helps the entire globe. However, bamboo also provides direct benefits to rural families across the world, with over 600 million people generating their income from it. Bamboo can be farmed without a large investment due to its easy-growing nature, and can be harvested relatively easily, providing a steady income for families in developing communities.

Remarkable Natural Qualities

Bamboo is also the strongest woody plant on Earth, with a tensile strength which is superior to mild steel and a weight-to-strength ratio superior to graphite. You wouldn’t know it though – bamboo fibres are incredibly soft! They’re also naturally resistant to both mould and bacteria.

With advantages like those, it made sense to start making some of our bags out of bamboo. Soft, strong, and incredibly friendly to the environment, bamboo bags are on the up!


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