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It’s 2019 – Time to ditch the plastic

10th January, 2019

It’s that time of year when everyone is still full swing in their New Years Resolutions. The gyms are all overflowing and the diets are still going strong. But there are some people who may be stuck for a New Year’s resolution and perhaps didn’t make one at all. If you are stuck for something to stick to this year, why not try and think about your impact on the Earth and your surroundings and how you could spend this year doing your best to reduce the negative impact you have on it.


Last year we saw the year that marked the year against plastic. We were all outraged at how much plastic was seen polluting the oceans and harming the animals within them. Whilst we did manage to accomplish some changes last year, we still haven’t done enough to consider the problem over. For this reason we ask you to continue working towards a greener planet as part of your resolution this year.  Here are some ideas for some new year’s resolutions to help spark some inspiration.


plastic pollution


  1. This year I will say no to plastic bags

This one is one that we can all do. It’s as easy as purchasing a bag for life or two and using these instead of purchasing plastic bags at the store. Whilst this is a small change you can make, if you aren’t making it already – it can still make a huge difference to your plastic footprint and in turn the planet as a whole.

As well as shopping bags, shop for fruits and vegetable in supermarkets that have pledged to switch out their plastic bags for paper ones. Last year, Morrison’s announced that they will have rolled this out by the summer of 2019 so check your local Morrison’s to see if they’ve made the switch.


  1. This year I will bring my own bags and containers

As well as shopping bags, it is noticeable that most food product comes wrapped in some form of plastic. This being said, there are tonnes of whole food stores that allow you to bring your own containers and use them to purchase a wide range of things such as grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

To purchase these you can use a range of different bags, jars or containers. We have a range of small and large cotton bags that you could use to purchase your shopping in. Drawstring bags, jute bags, and canvas bags are great options too.


  1. This year I will say no to plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are a large culprit to the plastic issue we are facing and there is a significant issue due to the little amount that is being recycled. There are many alternatives to bottled juice, fizzy drinks and water such as buying cartons, cans and even making your own and bringing a water bottle around with you. Whilst these things may take a little extra effort to maintain, it’s the small price to pay for the amount of waste you are reducing into the planet.

If you choose to buy cartons or cans in replacement for plastic bottles, make sure these are recycled according to your areas regulations.


If you’d like to purchase some cotton bags to take to do your shopping with, take a look at our cotton bag range. We also sell a wide range of bags that can be used as bags for life, including woven and non-woven bags as well as jute bags and canvas bags. For custom orders get in touch with us now or give us a call on: 01373 825 837

We hold a large stock of cotton bags in the UK which can be screen printed or for more complex full colour artwork heat transfer printed.

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