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5 Uses for Drawstring Cotton Bags

19th November, 2018

We think drawstring bags are ultimately underrated and to prove that they are actually incredibly useful, here are 5 things you can use them for.


  1. Gym Bag

Drawstring bags call for brilliant gym bags because they are flexible and easy to open and close. You can fit in your trainers and all your other gear in there really comfortably.

As well as being spacious and malleable, they are easy to wash. This means that you can rest easy after a long rugby game or hard-core gym session that left your gear and gym bag looking a bit worse for wear.


  1. Storing Toys

Drawstring bags are great for storing loose toys such as Lego, cars and much more. They generally take the shape of whatever you put in them, meaning that you can fit in much more toys into bags than you can in boxes.


  1. Promoting Your Business

You can use drawstrings to promote your business by personalising them with your branding and handing them out at events filled with useful information or goodies. Take a look at the wholesale drawstring bags we made for Glastonbury Festival below.


printed festival bags

  1. Everyday Use

We have covered a lot of benefits that come with cotton drawstring bags, such as their malleability, easy cleaning properties and the fact that they’re flexible and customisable. This makes them the perfect bag for everyday use.

They’re also extremely eco-friendly and make for a great replacement for a handbag.


  1. Kids School Bag

Drawstring bags make wonderful bags for your kids to take to school with them. You can even have a bit of fun decorating them so that your child can have a fun time getting creative and then be able to wear there creation to school and show it off to their friends!


If you’d like to buy your own drawstring bags, head over to our cotton drawstring bags page. You can also personalise them for your business, get in touch with us and request a quote.

We hold a large stock of cotton bags in the UK which can be screen printed or for more complex full colour artwork heat transfer printed.

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