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6 Fun Facts About Cotton

22nd January, 2018

We’re understandably pretty much obsessed with cotton, here at Cotton Bag Co – for a number of reasons. Not only is cotton much better for the environment than plastic and other similar materials, but it can also be printed and dyed to create super stylish, unique designs – especially when used to create gorgeous reusable bags. Here are a number of other unsual facts about cotton that you might not know:

1. Cotton is hypoallergenic – meaning that is is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. If you are someone who suffers from an allergy or have sensitive skin, cotton clothing or bags could be just the thing for you.

2. There are a number of ‘Industrial crops’ grown all around the world. This is the term given to crops which can be grown to produce goods for manufacturing, rather than solely as food for consumption. This includes cotton, hemp, algae, papyrus and many others. Out of all of the non-edible crops, cotton is grown the most.

3. Cotton is an extremely versatile crop, of which almost every part is used in one industry or another. It can be used in oil for cooking, margarine, cattle feed, coffee filters, tents, bank notes, bookbindings, medical swabs and much more.

4. A single cotton bale weighs around 227kg. If not being used for environmentally friendly cotton bags, one bale could make either: 250 single bed sheets, 3,000 nappies, 1,200 tshirts, 215 pairs of jeans or 680,000 cotton balls.

5. Cotton can be used as a heat conductor. It’s great at trapping heat and so makes excellent summer / winter clothing. You can use cotton to keep heat out in the summer and keep it trapped in over winter!

6. Another fun fact about cotton which is brilliant for the team at Cotton Bag Co is that it is one of the easiest fabrics to dye. This means we’re able to get creative and come up with a range of excellent cotton bag designs to suit you and your brand.

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