Bespoke Jute Bags

Our bespoke service ensures that whatever size and whatever colour jute bags you need, we can make it happen. If it’s dyed fabric, accessories like pockets, embroidery, edge-to-edge printing or even a cotton-jute blend (juco) we can deliver.

The MOQ for bespoke made bags starts from 500 bags.

The standard delivery time for bespoke jute bags is 12-14 weeks based on shipping with sea freight. We can air freight smaller quantities in 4-6 weeks.

Our experience sales team can guide you through the ordering process and advise the most cost effective shipping option.

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With the help of the incredible children at Fitzmaurice Primary School, Bradford On Avon, we took on the challenge of creating the world’s largest Jute bag . The bag measured a huge 22.5 metres long, 14.6 metres wide and 3.5 metres deep. The event coincided with Plastic Bag Free Day and Plastic Free July.

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