3 benefits you can get from printed cotton bags in 2021

3 benefits you can get from printed cotton bags in 2021

With 2020 drawing to a close Cotton Bag Co has one eye on the new year and is excited to continue offering quality reusable products and bags that help reduce plastic waste within the business and cut back on the need for single-use packaging. 

Our mission has always been to deliver quality reusable bags for customers, and we have continued to deliver on that mission in 2020. This month, we take a look at one of our most popular reusable bags made from printed cotton. We shine a light on 3 key benefits that your business can experience by adopting printed cotton bags in 2021. 




Increased brand awareness 


Measuring brand awareness can be difficult but one of the ways that you can increase your chances of getting it is through printed cotton bags. These great items work well both in a commercial sense through retail and in a promotional sense through trade shows and other similar events. 

Printed cotton bags are perfect if you want to get your branding out there whilst also providing your customers with a valuable product. 


Reduced plastic waste 


Reducing plastic waste will continue to be high on the list of priorities of companies in 2021 with many taking drastic action to reduce both their plastic consumption and carbon footprint. You can help your business and customers do this by introducing printed cotton bags in your stores. These will provide great value to your customers. 

Increased customer retention 



Customer retention is very important when it comes to driving value over the long term and one of the ways you can increase customer retention is through printed cotton bags. These great products will keep your brand at the front of customers’ minds and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases in the future. Take advantage of these benefits in 2021 

Remember these are just 3 of the many benefits that come when you adopt printed cotton bags within your business. You also get a whole host of benefits ranging from decreased baggage costs and better overall environmental perception. This is why CBC recommends taking advantage of all the benefits of printed cotton bags in 2021. 


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