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3 ways to reduce your plastic waste with the help of jute bags

One of the key reasons why Cotton Bag Co remains such a success story is the passion and belief behind our products. We know that by getting more reusable products like jute bags to our customers we can help to reduce the plastic that ends up in the country’s waterways! 

This week, we share 3 ways that you can reduce your dependence on plastics with the help of the jute bags from Cotton Bag Co. 

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Take jute bags shopping with you 


Jute bags are not only good as promotional pieces if you own a business, but they are also great for going to the shops with! Make sure you bring jute bags with you that are big enough to contain all of the necessary groceries. This will reduce your dependence on plastic bags which can become easily damaged and are very hard to recycle. 



Use jute bags if you run a local store


If you run a local business finding the right type of products to stock and distribute to your customers is essential. Whilst you will not want to break the bank with expensive items you will want to find bespoke items that will match the overall branding of your company. 

This is where jute bags come in. These are great products that your customers will be willing to pay a little extra for at the checkout. Both plain wholesale and printed jute bags work well and the latter will give you a chance to add some additional branding for your customers. 



Clean your jute bag and reuse it again


Jute bags are great not only because of their durability but also because of the ease at which they can be cleaned. Jute is a very supple material that you can easily wash stains out of. Just make sure you use a gentle brush to avoid wearing the jute too much. 


Get in touch if you want more information on our jute bags

If you are interested in learning more about the jute bags on offer from Cotton Bag Co or the other great products that we offer then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We can supply jute bags in a variety of sizes and shipment specifications. 


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