A Counter Offer

A Counter Offer

We may be pioneers of the cotton bag revolution, convinced that these sturdy, stylish and versatile bags are the way of the future, but that doesn’t mean they’re all we produce, not by a long chalk. Did you know, for example, that despite the name Cotton Bag Company we’re also one of the UK’s leading suppliers of paper bags? Well, we are. We firmly believe that paper has a big role to play in keeping packaging environmentally friendly, because there are certain situations and occasions when fabric bags just aren’t appropriate.

One of those instances is the humble counter bag. You encounter (no pun intended) the counter bag all the time -in the local bakery you pop into for a sausage roll and a coffee on the way to work; at the service station when you order a croissant or bagel to keep you going on the drive, or when you fill it full of popcorn for the kids at the cinema.

Of all the different sizes and styles of paper bag you can get, the counter bag is probably the least expensive to make. We can produce thousands of these bags every day, thereby fulfilling even the largest orders, so if your business has a

requirement for counter bags, perhaps if you’re in the food or retail industry, then contact us. It’s possible that we can either offer you a better deal than your current supplier, or that we can simply give you a better quality of bag.

What’s more, our fantastic range of counter bags is available in a wide assortment of styles and colours, so if you want yours to reflect your company branding, or to stand out brightly, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Sizes, materials and finishes are all at the customer’s discretion, so drop us a line here and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


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