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The advantages of custom printed cotton bags

Eco shopping bags have fast become a popular choice for consumers, and it’s clear why. They are eco-friendly, they are reusable, and they are durable.  For retailers, investing in custom printed cotton bags is a  no brainer, offering a good return on investment and helping to keep customers happy.

Take a look at some of the advantages of custom printed cotton bags below.


Effective branding tool

Branded cotton shopping bags offer an opportunity for retailers to market their business and their products without having to do an awful lot.

Cotton bags can be easily customised, allowing you to create stunning bespoke shopping bags that your customers will love. Plus, by adding your branding you will be letting your customers do the work when they are out and about with your branded bags.



Branded cotton bags are very affordable, which means they fit comfortably into most spending budgets within a retail business.

Plus, if you are charging your consumers for these bags then you can easily make up the cost that way. With customers parading these bags around town, the return on investment has huge potential too.


Benefits for both customers and retailers

Cotton bags offer benefits both for retailers and customers, which we see as a win win!

Not only do eco-bags act as promotional material, but they also portray an element of sophistication and are a great way to show that you are considering the environment. Organic cotton bags are an even better option for both parties.

Customers will love receiving a bag that is eco-friendly and is durable enough to be reused again and again in the future for a whole host of different reasons. Plus, with a stunning design from their favourite shop, they’ll be proud to show it off.



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