Appeal of different bags

Appeal of different bags

The Cotton Bag Co supplies industry with a wide selection of different types of bag, and what might be right for one company may not work for another. Here’s a basic rundown of what you can expect from each type of bag we stock, but two things always remain in common – they’re always ethically sourced, and offer great value for money.

Off-the-shelf Cotton Bags

Can be produced from either organic or non-organic cotton; For design purposes, up to 12 colours can be printed on each side; cotton bags are foldable and lightweight so you can easily transport large numbers of them to events in a car, and they’re biodegradable so less impact on the environment.

Paper Bags

Always of top quality, so they are reusable for some time; our paper bags are fully recyclable, and if needs be we can also produce them from recycled paper; we offer an excellent range, with sizes, shapes and finishings all variable, and a great selection of accessories such as ribbons to go with them.

Canvas Bags

Available in many different styles, the big advantage with canvas bags is that they are incredibly durable – they last for ages. Our stock bags are 10oz, and are available in either black or natural, or you can talk to us about getting a personalised bag suitable for your requirements..

Jute Bags

Also incredibly hard-wearing, jute has been used to make things for centuries, and is currently seeing a major resurgence. We offer jute bags, as with all of our products, in a lot of styles and sizes.

Bamboo Bags

We’re nuts about bamboo bags. This is about one of the most sustainable materials you can get – the bamboo used in our bags is 100% natural, produced without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. It’s no wonder pandas love it so, this is a really versatile material we’re pleased to have as part of our array.

Woven and Non-Woven Bags

Ideal for more complex designs, because the polypropylene used in woven bags is a byproduct of the oil industry, it reduces wastage. Lightweight, strong and water-resistant, they are very popular with supermarkets for their “Bags for life” schemes


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