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Bamboo bags, from only 44p each!

Is your company looking for a bargain? Then look no further than our superb collection of wholesale bamboo bags. These stylish, long-lasting bags not only look fantastic slung over your customers’ shoulders but they’re also known for their eco-friendly characteristics. And at only å£22 per 50-bag pack when you buy a minimum of 4 packs, the individual price of 44p is pretty attractive too!

100% Natural Bamboo Fibre

All of our bamboo bags are made from 100% natural bamboo fibre so that they look, and feel, great. Soft to the touch, they can be easily folded allowing for easy distribution at busy events, and take up relatively little space when packaged so that transportation of large numbers can be achieved with no hassle.

Whether you’re handing the bags out to customers over the counter, or stuffing them with goodies at events, be sure and tell the recipients about the eco benefits of these superior quality bags. They can be re-used multiple times with a bit of TLC, and are totally biodegradable, making them a great all-rounder when it comes to shopping!

Our bamboo bags measure 380 by 430mm, so they’re very spacious, and also bamboo fibre is known for its strength, so these bags are perfect for heavy-usage, like carrying cans and bottles home from the supermarket, or books to school.

And, as with most of Cotton Bag Co’s product range, your company can also have their own design printed on both sides for very little extra spend. Either provide your own design or let our team come up with one for you – you’ll find it gives a very distinctive edge to these bags that makes them even more appealing. Like the bag, the design is guaranteed to last a long time, and the overall quality of this product means that every one you hand out is going to be a walking advertisement for your brand for a long time – what a great investment!

note: We are currently out of stock of bamboo bags but have a range of quality jute bags that also provide sustainable value!


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