Cotton Bag Co now provides GOTS bags! | GOTS Certified

Cotton Bag Co now provides GOTS bags!

We as a company are very passionate about providing products to our customer that are reusable and help the environment. This means we have to focus on our production processes and supply chain sourcing. 

The transparency over our production process is what sets us apart from other manufacturers, and we are proud to announce that Cotton Bag Co is now officially GOTS certified! 


What does a GOTS certification mean? 

GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard and is a way for companies and clients to improve their supply chain sustainability. When you buy GOTS certified bags through Cotton Bag Co you can rest assured that all parts of the supply chain have been independently verified. 

Here we have outlined 5 fantastic reasons why you should consider GOTS certified bags for your next purchase. 

1. Combat climate change 

Natural growing methods are used throughout, and fossil fuel fertilisers are baned in the GOTS bag production. 

2. Support the local farmers and their communities 

Organic farmers grow other crops alongside cotton meaning multiple sources of income are provided for the farming communities. 

3. Eliminate synthetic and hazardous pesticides 

Natural methods like crop rotation are used to harvest organic cotton, allowing for the control of diseases. The elimination of synthetic pesticides reduces the risk of a poisoned waterway that can endanger workers who do not have the correct safety equipment.

4. Reuse and reduce the use of water

Healthy soil is used to grow organic cotton meaning the earth holds moisture for longer, reducing the need for excessive watering. 

5. Farmers have more control 

Organic farmers have a lot more control over the sowing of their seeds. This allows them to save and reuse seeds without the need for genetically modified seeds. 

What bags are available from Cotton Bag Co? 

We are super excited to continue producing great bags for our clients in 2021 and getting the GOTS certification means we can now offer GOTS certified bags that really do provide fantastic quality! 

If you want to find out more about our other products, ranging from our cotton to jute bags, please feel free to get in touch! 

We provide high quality printed and wholesale environmentally friendly bags that will give you everything you need to provide customers with high-quality bags when shops reopen again! 


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