Hit the beach in style

Hit the beach in style

Summer’s off to a pretty good start already, and now the weathermen are predicting another heatwave! For many of us Brits, a weekend of sunshine is a great opportunity to reach for the beach, and with beautiful stretches of coastline all around our fair isle, there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s our top tips for what to pack!


Don’t leave home without it. There’s many brands available that suit different skin types so there’s no excuse not to apply sunscreen regularly and generously. Better to tan slowly and evenly than end up like a painful lobster. Wrap the bottle separately in a sealable plastic bag, just in case it leaks.

Lip Balm

Chilling on the beach all day can leave your lips feeling, and looking, chapped. A quick rub of balm every hour or so will keep them fresh.

Reading Material

The beach is a great time to catch up on your reading. If you’re just going for the day then a magazine or newspaper may do, if you’re going for longer it might be worth investing in an e-reader so you can bring a good stock along.

Reusable Water Bottle

It’s important to stay well-hydrated on the beach, but because recycling facilities are often few and far between, cut down on your plastic use with a reusable water bottle. Many have the advantage of keeping your drink cool for hours even in the hot sun.


A bathroom towel will not suffice. Get yourself a big funky colourful one. Along with a beach umbrella and your swimming costume, this is the best way to make a fashion statement on the sands. We recommend a towel with a hidden pocket where you can stash money, phones and cards safely.


A small bag of towelettes can come in useful for a million-and-one things, but invariably you’ll use them for wiping ice-cream off your t-shirt at some point.


If your phone doesn’t have enough pixels or you need to save the battery for hooking up with friends, bringing along a cheap little camera is a great idea to make sure you don’t miss any special moments.


Last but not least you’re going to need something to carry all these essentials around with you, and what could be better for that than a reusable cotton bag or two, the kind we all have sitting around at home in between shopping trips. Big, sturdy and incredibly versatile, they also come in some pretty fresh designs. Dig yours out now!


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