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How to repurpose your old Canvas Bags

At Cotton Bag Co we are huge advocates of the reduce, reuse and recycle movement which is why we choose to use a range of eco-friendly materials for our bags, one of our favourites being canvas for our durable canvas bags. 

We love canvas for bags not only because it is a sturdy material meaning that you can load up your bags, but once your bag is coming to the end of its life span, you can repurpose your bag in a number of different ways.


Canvas bag vegetable sacks 

When your canvas bag maybe isn’t as pretty as it once was and beyond the help of a good old scrub, turning your canvas bag into a vegetable sack is a perfect idea and requires minimal effort. These can then help the organisation of your kitchen cupboards or pantry and even work if the straps of your canvas bag are damaged. You do not need to make any alterations to your bag unless there are big holes that need repairing, simply use it as it is. 


Canvas bag doormats 

If you’re not afraid of a sewing DIY job, old canvas bags can be great doormats or mats for muddy shoes and wellies. With some scissors and a bit of thread your old bag can be redesigned into a rustic welcome mat for your front or back door. You can even leave it on your porch as a place to store your dirty footwear before cleaning. 


Canvas Grow bags 

Whether you have a big garden with lots of planting space or are just trying to inject some greenery into your apartment, using old canvas bags as grow bags for plants and vegetables is a great repurposing plan. As canvas is a strong and sturdy material it can cope with being filled with compost and protect your seedlings as they begin to grow, canvas bags have even been known to be better than traditional pots in some cases.  


Canvas Compost 

For the less creative, a big benefit of canvas bags is that canvas is actually biodegradable. Therefore, after you have used and reused and reused your canvas bag until it cannot be reused any longer, instead of throwing it in your rubbish bin add it to your compost heap. Eventually your canvas bag can be completely decomposed and ready to help the rest of your garden grow.  


Order canvas bags from Cotton Bag Co

Canvas bags are a much better alternative to plastic bags for a number of reasons, being able to repurpose your canvas bag after use will further help to reduce the amount of waste you are producing.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Cotton Bag Co Canvas Bags then please get in touch with a member of our team. 


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