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Is canvas a good material for bags?

We at Cotton Bag Co are passionate about using the best possible materials for our bags, and the great thing about reusable bags is the diverse range of materials that we have at our disposal! From jute to cotton and everything in between, we use many different materials for our eco bags, one of which is canvas. 

This sturdy yet flexible material has been a favourite in the reusable bag market for many years now, and here we explore whether or not the popularity is justified. So, is canvas a good material for bags?

8oz Natural Canvas Bags G

Are canvas bags easy to print on?

Canvas bags are good for printing, and this is important if you are looking to order printed canvas bags to promote your business. The threadwork is tighter than jute and other materials, which means you can print detailed patterns on without the worry of it becoming distorted. 

In addition to the threadwork, plain canvas is also good for intricate designs and the beige colouring makes a great background to various logos and styles. In terms of colouring, block printing on the bags can create bold designs that will really stand out if you are looking to create a unique promotional item. This is one of the reasons why they are a popular choice for trade show customers. 


Are canvas bags durable? 

Whilst canvas is not the most unique of materials, its durability means that it is a favourite amongst those looking for a simple yet strong design. The durability comes from the fact that it is a plain-woven fabric, providing strength which is important when you are carrying heavy loads. 

So what is the verdict? Well if you are looking for a reusable material that will provide customers with value for money, then canvas bags are a good option to go for. They are good for printing and great for more plain simple designs. 


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