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The different ways of printing custom jute bags

Jute is a wonderful material that is both natural and environmentally sustainable. It can, however, be a challenge to print exciting and clean colours onto Jute bags. Luckily over years of practice,...
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What is jute and how are jute bags made?

Jute is a 100% natural material that has been used for centuries to produce high-quality products and we recognise its value going forward as we attempt to help the world develop more eco-friendly...
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Cotton and Jute Bags in India and Bangladesh

Recent political events in the UK may have distracted from the focus on the environment however there are still many initiatives in place aimed at increasing the scope of reusable jute bags around...
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3 Simple Replacements for Single-Use Plastics

What are single-use plastics? Single-use plastics are a disposable form of plastic that is used only once before it is thrown away. Common examples of this include plastic bags, bottles, packaging,...

Benefits of Wholesale Tote Bags

When buying wholesale bags for your business or event, you want to find something that reflects your company's values and something that adds value to your business. Tote bags are becoming more...
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Plastic Free Promotional Bags for Your Business

Plastic bags aren't  cool anymore and you know it. Your customers believe that eco-friendly options are the way farward and so should you. Offering people who shop with you the options to purchase a...
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It’s 2019 – Time to ditch the plastic

It’s that time of year when everyone is still full swing in their New Years Resolutions. The gyms are all overflowing and the diets are still going strong. But there are some people who may be...


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