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Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Bamboo

You already know what bamboo is. However, are you aware of the countless ways it’s been used, both during the present day and in the past? Here’s a quick rundown of some little known bamboo facts.

Why You Should Take Cotton Bags Backpacking

Backpacking has become a rite of passage for thousands of people across the country. Getting your gear together and staying organised on the road can be tricky, but you can take a couple of cotton bags to help you out.

The Natural Advantages of Jute

Jute is a long vegetable fibre which can be spun into strong threads. It isn’t as widely-known in the West as it is in India, but jute has been used for hundreds of years to make hessian and burlap, and is now becoming popular in its own right.

Why is Bamboo so Important?

Bamboo isn’t something which immediately comes to mind as a material used to make bags, but it’s actually incredibly suited to the job.

Why Biodegradable Plastic Bags Aren’t a Solution

Biodegradable plastics have been manufactured with certain additional compounds which help them get broken down by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, turning into water, carbon dioxide, or bio-material.

A Quick Guide to Our Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

Cotton bags are easy enough to understand – everyone knows that cotton is a natural material which doesn’t harm the planet. However, with so many different types of synthetic material around, it can be difficult to tell which ones are beneficial and which ones aren’t.

Do You Understand the Effect of Plastic Bags on Sea Creatures?

Cotton bags are tough, durable, and can be printed with numerous designs to suit a variety of tastes, but one of their most important benefits is undoubtedly helping to reduce the usage of plastic bags, and the incredibly harmful effect which they can have on the planet.

How Does Our Infrastructure Help the Environment?

Cotton Bag Co. is one of the leading suppliers of reusable bags in the country, so you should already know that each and every staff member is dedicated to reducing waste and lowering emissions. That’s the whole reason the company was started, but how does our infrastructure measure up?

Do You Know About Our Selection of Canvas Bags?

You already know that you can pick up a great range of cotton bags from us, but are you aware of all the other options we have available. Do you, for example, know that we also supply a selection of highly durable canvas bags?

Meet the 2015 January Sales in Style with Your Very Own Cotton Bags

The Christmas decorations are all being taken down, your New Year’s Eve bash is just a distant memory, and everyone is trudging back to work for 2015. Of course, there’s still the January sales to look forward to, with low prices and great deals lessening the blow of a chilly start to the year.

Woven Bags – why they’re perfect for your business

We highly recommend the fantastic range of woven PP bags from Cotton Bag Co. for any business that wants to make their operations more environmentally-friendly without compromising on either the style or the quality of their retail bags…


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