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Encouraging reuse of Messenger Bags

One of our best-selling products in recent years has been messenger bags – they’re really popular with students and young adults, so if your business is considering investment in a supply, perhaps to distribute at student social events or conferences, we’d like to give you a rough guide on …

131 uses for a cotton bag (Part 4)

Continuing our quest to find 131 uses for a cotton bag, we’re now into Autumn so let’s take a look as some seasonal ways to put a cotton bag to work:

Appeal of different bags

The Cotton Bag Co supplies industry with a wide selection of different types of bag, and what might be right for one company may not work for another. Here’s a basic rundown of what you can expect from each type of bag we stock…

What’s so green about the Cotton Bag Co?

Everyone knows that if you want to be green, you need to carry a reusable fabric bag. And everyone knows (or should by now!) that the Cotton Bag Co is the country’s number-one provider of reusable bags.

131 uses for a cotton bag (Part 2)

Continuing our mission to find 131 individual uses for a cotton bag (that’s the number of times a bag needs to be used before it’s carbon footprint is levelled out), let’s talk about storage.

Bamboo bags, from only 44p each!

Is your company looking for a bargain? Then look no further than our superb collection of wholesale bamboo bags. These stylish, long-lasting bags not only look fantastic slung over your customers’ shoulders but they’re also known for their eco-friendly characteristics.

131 uses for a cotton bag (Part 1)

Despite their eco-friendly benefits, the cotton bags we love so much do carry around with them more of a carbon footprint than plastic bags. To fully offset the amount of carbon used in producing and transporting it to the shop you got it, you need to use the cotton bag a minimum of 131 times…

A Counter Offer

We may be pioneers of the cotton bag revolution, convinced that these sturdy, stylish and versatile bags are the way of the future, but that doesn’t mean they’re all we produce, not by a long chalk. Did you know, for example, that despite the name Cotton Bag Company we’re also one of the UK’s le

Hit the beach in style

Hit the beach in style Summer’s off to a pretty good start already, and now the weathermen are predicting another heatwave! For many of us Brits, a weekend of sunshine is a great opportunity to reach for the beach. Here’s our top tips for what to pack …

Why jute bags are the way to go

We’re proud evangelists of the cotton bag cause. But in recent years we’ve noticed that our jute bags are beginning to get a lot more attention. So we thought we’d explain why this material is becoming popular right now, and why it may be right for your brand…

Fun Facts About Cotton

Here at the Cotton Bag Co. we’re pretty obsessed about cotton, as you can probably imagine. The environmental benefits of using cotton bags are well-known, but we were interested to learn some unusual facts about cotton recently…

Puffin marvellous

We all know how useful a cotton bag can be with the weekly shop, but did you know they can also help with conservation?…

The best branded cotton bags

The Cotton Bag Co. design team often gets asked to give examples of bags we have produced where we think the design effectively promotes the branding and sales of the products they were made for

Would you like plastic with that?

If you suffer from a sensitive stomach then it’s probably best not to read any further…more unsavoury evidence that plastic bags are worse for the environment, and therefore, us. Never has the switch to cotton bags seemed more appealing!


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