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The Benefits of Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are the perfect sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags, and they look better too. Here at Cotton Bag Co, we are pleased to offer fully customisableCotton Bag with logo

cotton bags to our customers in a range of sizes and printing options.

They are also available in many different sizes too. For example, if you need a bag to hold goodies for your business event, a tote bag may be the best option. Or, you can go for a smaller size if you would like a cotton bag to store these in. We have you covered. 

Keep on reading to find out more about the benefits of these bags: 


Cotton Bags are sustainable, and made from ethically sourced materials:

Cotton bags are made from sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable when they come to the end of their lifespan. This is a significant difference from single-use plastic bags (that should be stopped) because they can literally take up to 1000 years to decompose, having a significant impact on the environment. 

Here at Cotton Bag Co, we source our material from trusted factories in India and China to supply high-quality, ethically sourced bespoke tote bags. 



Another benefit of cotton bags is that they are affordable, meaning they can be a sustainable accessible option for most businesses, big or small. From here, the companies will be able to promote their ‘doing’ towards more sustainable green thinking. 

When customers are walking around with these bags, it sends a message to the community about the bags which will lead to more people using them. 


Promotional Opportunities: 

Here at Cotton Bag Co, we have many options to print your cotton bags. This can range from the latest technology in screen printing, DTG (direct to garment), and DST (digital screen transfer). We have the capability to print any design of your bag of choice, which brings great functionality to all sorts of brands, no matter what their logo looks like. 

A customer walking around with your business’s logo acts as a great promotional tool as well! 

Overall, we hope this blog tells you about the benefits of cotton bags from the sustainable materials to the promotional opportunities surrounding printed designs. Get in touch with us to discuss all of your packaging needs! 


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