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Top 5 uses for a drawstring cotton bag

Drawstring bags have increasingly become a more popular choice over the years, not only are they super practical as they can be worn like a rucksack but they are also easy to customise and print meaning they can reflect anyone’s’ individual style. The rise in popularity means that they are now being used for a wide range of purposes.  We’re going to go into a few of the top things you can use a drawstring bag for: 

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Top uses for a drawstring bag


  • Gym Bag

Drawstring bags make a brilliant gym or sports bag. Firstly they are flexible and easy to open and close. This means that you can pack all your necessary gear inside along with footwear and a towel, sling it over your shoulder and be on your way.

As well as being spacious and malleable, they are also easy to wash. This means after a long sweaty gym session or muddy rugby game you don’t have to worry about bringing something else to take your dirty clothes and shoes home in. You can simply throw the bag in the washing machine on a low temperature and wash it with your sports or gym clothes. 


  • Storing belongings

Drawstring bags are great alternatives for storage boxes if you have limited extra space. Storage boxes can be quite big and bulky making them difficult to move out of sight if you don’t have much storage space in your home. Another benefit of drawstring bags is that they generally take the shape of whatever you put in them, meaning that you can efficiently fit a lot more items in them than boxes. Then they can be popped into a wardrobe or under the bed ready for when you need the contents of them.


  • Promoting Your Business

If you have a business or event that you need some promotional materials for, drawstring bags are ideal. Not only can they be easily personalised or printed for your event or business branding, but when guests or customers wear them it will help to raise awareness of your brand. If you have the extra budget, they could even be filled with useful information or goodies. 


  • Everyday Use

We have covered a lot of benefits that come with cotton drawstring bags, such as their malleability, easy cleaning properties and the fact that they’re flexible and customisable. This makes them the perfect bag for everyday use.

They’re also extremely eco-friendly and make for a great replacement for a handbag.


  • Kids School Bag

Drawstring bags make wonderful bags for your kids to take to school with them. You can even have a bit of fun decorating them so that your child can have a fun time getting creative and then be able to wear their creation to school and show it off to their friends!


If you’ve got a  business or event coming up that you think could benefit from some printed or wholesale drawstring bags then get in touch with us and request a quote.


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