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What is jute and why is it good for making bags?

At Cotton Bag Co, we are dedicated to creating bags that are not only good for our customers but are also good to the environment.

We stock a wide variety of reusable bags ranging from wholesale up to completely bespoke, amongst our best selling products are our Jute bags, but what is jute and why is it a good choice of material for making bags?


What is Jute and where does jute come from?

Jute is a natural vegetable fibre from the stem of jute plants which grow in monsoon and humid climates, like those in Bangladesh and India. The fibres from the jute plant are removed through a process called retting and are then converted into longer fibres that can be spun into a thread and then woven into fabric, ready to make our jute bags.


Why is jute good for making bags?

A key reason that jute is a good material for making bags is its durable fibres, these make jute bags capable of carrying significant weight without being damaged or stretched meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your customers’ jute bags are unlikely to split or break. Due to the strength of the material, bags made from jute can also be reused many times, saving them from the single-use fate that many plastic bags go through.

Aside from jute’s environmentally friendly characteristics, it is also a great material to work with aesthetically. Jute bags can be easily printed on to make beautiful custom designs to easily promote any business, shop or event and because of its durability you don’t need to worry about your designs fading quickly so they can be seen for years to come!


Jute Bags from Cotton Bag Co

If you would like to know more about ordering any of our jute bag products for your business take a look at our Jute Bags page, there is a wide range of bags suitable for all budgets and requirements including a wholesale option.


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