What's so green about the Cotton Bag Co?

What’s so green about the Cotton Bag Co?

Everyone knows that if you want to be green, you need to carry a reusable fabric bag. And everyone knows (or should by now!) that the Cotton Bag Co is the country’s number-one provider of reusable bags. That’s something we’re pretty proud of, as is the fact that our sister company the Paper Bag Co is a leader in the field of paper bag manufacture too – together we’re helping reduce consumption of plastic bags across the UK.

But we’re greener than that! How?


Number 1:

Our factory in India is certified as Fair Trade. That means the people who make the bags you buy from us get paid a fair living wage; they have decent, safe working conditions, and rural families get a stable income. There’s always more that can be done, but we’re very pleased to offer Fair Trade goods right now.

Number 2:

The bags we have made in India are transported to the UK for distribution by sea. So no air miles to worry about. We’re doing our bit for climate change, and working towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

Number 3:

Many of our bags can be offered in certified organic cotton. We deliver the best prices we can on that, to ensure that as few unpleasant chemicals enter the ground as possible.


Number 4:

We don’t just stock cotton bags. We sell bags made of paper, jute, canvas and bamboo – all designed to give our customers abundant choice, and help them switch away from harmful plastic bags.

So if your brand is looking to market itself as eco-friendly then what better place to start than with organic, reusable, fair-trade, low-carbon promotional cotton bags? Talk to our friendly team about what we can offer you, and how we’re taking steps every day to make our company as “green” as we can.


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