Why jute bags are the way to go

Why jute bags are the way to go

We’re proud evangelists of the cotton bag cause, and why this type of bag is best for companies that want to demonstrate an environmental concern, as well as provide promotional materials that are both durable and attractive. But in recent years we’ve noticed that our jute bags are beginning to get a lot more attention, especially for shopping. So we thought we’d explain why this material is becoming popular right now, and why it may be right for your brand.

Jute is a vegetable fiber, grown mainly in Bangladesh and India. It’s a useful crop because unlike cotton it doesn’t require too much in the way of fertilizer or pesticides – so it’s cheaper for farmers to grow, and obviously reduces the amount of unpleasant chemicals entering the ecosystem. It’s used to make hessian and burlap, and jute was widely employed during World War 1 to make sandbags, such was it’s reputation for robustness. It’s also played a big role in the fishing, fashion, construction and artistic industries for centuries.

Jute is a very hardy material – when you’re given a bag containing jute, or a mix of jute with cotton, you know you can depend on it to last a long time. Which, because the manufacture of jute bags is a much more intensive process than with, say, plastic bags, is good, because you need to re-use them continually to balance out the carbon footprint. Jute bags are perfect for many tasks but especially carrying the weekly shop – bung all your heaviest items in them and they’ll take the weight easily, plus the handles won’t dig into your palms as they do with plastic bags. Give it a good wash once a week and in theory one bag could last you several years.

Our fantastic range of jute bags are available either overprinted, and available in one week, or bespoke, in 3-4 weeks express. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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