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Why you should consider wholesale jute bags during your next order

Cotton Bag Co is proud to stock a variety of different jute bag options ranging from bespoke printed to wholesale products that will all bring different benefits to your business. Whilst our bespoke printed jute bags remain very popular and a good way to get some eco-friendly branding in front of your customers, our wholesale jute bags also offer a good environmentally sustainable bagging option. 

Here we take a closer look at our wholesale jute bags and why you should consider ordering them the next time you are in the market. 

Jute Black Bags


Wholesale jute bags are hard wearing 


You always want to deliver your clients and customers a product that is going to meet their needs and last a long time. This is where the humble wholesale jute bag comes in. These robust products can handle a battering and are very resilient when it comes to wear and tear over a longer period of time. 

The coarse fibers of jute bags are tear-resistant which means they can carry a large number of items without the carrier having to worry about it breaking. This makes this a great option for a bag for life! 



They can be ordered in bulk 


Another reason why you should consider ordering wholesale jute bags through Cotton Bag Co is the number of orders you can place! If you are ordering wholesale jute bags for a large company then ordering in bulk will ensure you get enough bags to meet your requirements. It will also save you some money further down the road as you will not have to reorder as much. 

Wholesale jute bags offer a luxurious feel 



Wholesale jute bags are a good option as not only are they relatively inexpensive, they also offer a good luxury feel. This in turn gives you a good bang for your buck and will provide a good return on investment which is very important! 


Order your wholesale jute bags from Cotton Bag Co! 

When you are ordering jute bags whilst the product is very important you will also want an expert service where the seller can answer any questions that you may have. Cotton Bag Co are experts in the eco-bag field and are more than happy to help! Please get in touch with a member of our team if you have any queries when ordering your wholesale jute bags. 



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