Why You Should Take Cotton Bags Backpacking

Why You Should Take Cotton Bags Backpacking

Backpacking has become a rite of passage for thousands of people across the country. Getting your gear together and staying organised on the road can be tricky, but you can take a couple of cotton bags to help you out.

They Help Separate Your Stuff

Backpacks are perfect for the adventurous traveller, but they don’t make it particularly easy to access all of your belongings. Unlike suitcases, backpacks load from the top, meaning that you often have to dive down deep to find what you’re looking for – taking everything out from on top as you do so.

It helps to separate your belongings into separate cotton bags – preferably with different designs. One for clean clothes, one for dirty clothes, one for your electronics, and so on. You’ll just need to find the right bag, take it out, and then enjoy unrestricted access.

Canvas bagThey’re Incredibly Durable and Versatile

Cotton has long been prized for its durability. As a backpacker, you should look for durability in everything you put in your backpack.

Cotton bags will hold their shape and take plenty of weight, even while stuffed with food or souvenirs. Whether you’re heading to the beach, going on a tour, or taking a trip to the market, having a strong, lightweight bag which you can rely upon is always a blessing. When not in use, just ball it up and shove it in a pocket.

They’re Easy to Clean

Fancy day bags and stuff sacks might intrigue potential buyers, but they’ll also normally have a long list of specific cleaning requirements. Cotton is easy – after all, it’s what most of your clothes are made out of. If you use yours to hold filthy shoes, dirty clothing, or pungent local produce, all you need to do is throw it in with your next load of laundry in order to keep it fresh.

They’re Cool

Finally cotton bags are just that little bit cooler than plastic bags and technical rucksacks. Chic and earth-friendly, they’re far better for carrying around than even most expensive alternatives. It might not be the most important reason, but it’s always nice to stand out from the crowd.

Cotton bags aren’t the first thing you’d think of when you’re collecting backpacking gear, but they’re light, long-lasting, and you can use them for just about anything.


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