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Cotton and Jute Bags in India and Bangladesh

17th May, 2019

Recent political events in the UK may have distracted from the focus on the environment however there are still many initiatives in place aimed at increasing the scope of reusable jute bags around the world.


Hopes for the Current and Next Generation

There are many who feel the next generation will be the first to leave the environment in a better state than it has been left by past generations. This is shown partly through the younger generation’s use of cotton and jute bags.


Free Distribution of Cotton Bags in India

India may not currently be viewed as the most environmentally sustainable country however a promotion of cotton bags towards the end of 2018 led to good media coverage and a local surge in use of the product.

The Inner Wheel Club of Jalandhar distributed over 750 handmade cotton bags made from old recycled clothes. The initiative aimed to promote the use of reusable jute bags and other environmentally sustainable off the shelf bags.


Low Supply of Jute Bags in Bangladesh

The jute mills crisis in Bangladesh could threaten a global shortage of the product worldwide. The untimely rains in the country have seriously damaged the paddy crop which is essential in the production of jute bags in this part of the world.

Those in the market for a jute bag in the UK need not worry; the Cotton Bag Co still has a range of high quality options available. These bags make fantastic reusable ‘bags for life’ and the increased demand reflects a shift in global attitudes towards a better environment.


Image result for paddy crop


In terms of sustainability the jute crop is up there with the top performers. The fibres used a recyclable and the crop matures within 6 months reducing the environmental impact necessary before the crop can be harvested.

Another great benefit is the fact that this plant like any absorbs carbon dioxide in its production. This helps to reverse the impact of climate change and contributes to a greener environment.


Order Your Off the Shelf Jute Bags Today

If the news of the potential jute bag shortage has spurred you into action then make sure you order your off the shelf jute bag today.

We also stock a range of printed jute bags which will send your business well on the way to a sustainable future. Having your logo printed onto a sustainable product will help you convey the right brand image for your company.





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