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The different ways of printing custom jute bags

30th September, 2019

Jute is a wonderful material that is both natural and environmentally sustainable. It can, however, be a challenge to print exciting and clean colours onto Jute bags. Luckily over years of practice, we have perfected our jute bag printing techniques and have explained a bit more about the methods below.

Screen printing

One of the most popular techniques is screen printing, or silk-screen printing as it is also known. This involves placing your design onto a screen which is then pressed onto the jute. With screen printing, we can print using up to 10 colours on both sides of your jute bag.


Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing is a method that we often use for jute bags. This differs from screen-printing as it uses the ink from paper which is then thermally transferred to the jute.

Heat transfer printing is a newer decoration method, but it’s come a long way from the iron-on decals of old. With heat transfer, also known as digital transfer, your custom logo or design is printed onto transfer paper and then ink is thermally transferred from the paper to your fabric using heat and pressure.


Digital printing

Digital printing is the process of printing designs directly on to a material with no need for a printing plate. Digital files can be sent directly to the digital printing press to print the image directly onto the media substrate.


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