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How Do Better Bags Shape Your Business?

9th December, 2014

The bags which your company uses for its promotional items ‰ÛÒ or gives to customers for their shopping ‰ÛÒ aren’t always considered in the right light. Too often, business owners concentrate on the short-term advantages of using plastic bags, but by doing so they could be giving customers, clients, or industry contacts the wrong idea about their values.

So, what do your bags say about your business?


Everyone knows about the negative environmental impact of the plastic bags, but people still rationalise the decision to use them because of the perceived low cost. Plastic bags are indeed cheap, but does passing an inferior product on to your customers just so you can save some pennies create a good impression? Probably not. Your products and services might be affordable, but the business itself still needs to project an image of success. Let people know you it won’t sacrifice their interests just to make a quick buck, and opt for a cotton bag.


Cottons bags can last for years, while plastic bags often can’t even last for seconds. With their notorious lack of longevity, and tiresome tendency to rip and sag, a plastic bag is pretty much the lowest quality product you can give your customers. Instead, use a cotton bag to demonstrate that your business is high quality in every way. People will feel more confident about using your services since they’ll have associated them with long term effectiveness. This is an extremely efficient way of showcasing your business, since those cotton bags can last for years!


The biggest problem with plastic bags is their highly negative environmental impact. Giving them out to your customers will give off the impression that you’re not concerned with the world around you – that you’d rather not be part of the solution if I means spending a bit more money. In contrast, using a cotton bag demonstrates your commitment to change, and lets people know that your company has cares beyond its profit margins.

These are all well-known reasons to use cotton bags yourself, but we hope this post has made you consider how those benefits could transfer over to your business. It’s an easy consideration to overlook, but really asking yourself what your bags say about your company is a key part of establishing yourself as a high-quality, trustworthy business.

We hold a large stock of cotton bags in the UK which can be screen printed or for more complex full colour artwork heat transfer printed.

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