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How to Turn Your Cotton Bags into Throw Cushions

2nd October, 2015

Cotton bags are strong, reusable, fashionable, and great for the environment – the only problem is that you may end up with a couple more than you need. If this is the case, you can use them for storing things around the house, or even more shopping, but one of the best ways to reuse them is by turning them into fun and funky throw cushions.

After all, cotton is soft, strong, and easy to wash – plus plenty of cotton bags are printed with interesting images or designs. If you have a couple lying around which you could put to better use, just follow these instructions to make a new set of throw cushions.

Firstly, gather together your spare cotton bags and decide on a colour scheme or central theme. It doesn’t matter so much if you’re only making one cushion, but if, for example, you have several printed in different colours, you can make a more cohesive collection.

Cotton bag pillowWhen you’ve selected the bags that you’d like to use, turn them inside out and cut any gusseted corners. You can now sew along the edge to create a more pleasing appearance. Next, turn each one right-side out, then get some stuffing and start breaking off and inserting small pieces; you want the cushion filled up all the way, so try using a long, thin object – such as a sewing needle – to push stuffing all the way into each corner.

Now that the bag is full, you can slip stitch the gap. If you like you can add a zip or buttons, so that you’ll be able to replace or wash the cotton bag cover if you should ever need to.

You now have a set of cotton bag cushions. You can either start decorating your home with them right away, or add some embellishments to provide them with an extra dash of personality.

At Cotton Bag Co, we love to see our bags reused in fun and interesting ways, and we think that this is one of the best yet. If you have some spare cotton bags lying around then don’t hesitate to have a go.

We hold a large stock of cotton bags in the UK which can be screen printed or for more complex full colour artwork heat transfer printed.

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