Reusable Printed PP Bags

Non-woven printed PP bags are fabric-like bags made from spun-bonded polypropylene (PP). The material is made to look woven by having a cross hatched pattern pressed into the material. Is very strong and lightweight. The fabric is available in a range of vibrant colours or can be pantone dyed for larger quantities.

Personalised Non-Woven and Woven bags are a great way to promote your company and products. Customers will reuse these promotional bags over and over marketing your business.

All our custom PP bags are made to order. If you need help and advice please complete our quote contact form or speak to one of our bag experts.


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Printed Non-Woven Bags

Printed non-woven bags like these are an important and stylish step towards reducing waste. NWPP (non-woven polypropylene) is a by-product of oil manufacturing that is widely used by supermarkets for their ‘bags for life’. This material is lightweight and very strong and is just one step away from the bio-based plastics at the best end of the Greenpeace pyramid of plastics.

Our printed non-woven bags are available in a range of vibrant colours and can be dyed to suit your company’s brand. We can also print your design over the whole of the bag surface. If you want something more water resistant than cotton bags, that is still an environmental choice, non-woven bags are just the thing.

Printed Woven Bags

Our bespoke PP bags made from woven PP are more substantial, the material is heavy weight and and the lamination give an extra layer of protection.

All our woven bags are manufactured to order. The minimum order quantity is 2000 bags.

These PP bags can be range with a range of accessories including, velcro tab, PP or cardboard bases, popper closures, pockets and adjustable straps

In Summary


  • Numerous bag styles
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Minimum order – From 500 bags
  • Express Air freight service – 4 weeks
  • Edge to Edge Printing
  • Made to any size
  • Standard Delivery - 8/10 weeks


With the help of the incredible children at Fitzmaurice Primary School, Bradford On Avon, we took on the challenge of creating the world’s largest Jute bag . The bag measured a huge 22.5 metres long, 14.6 metres wide and 3.5 metres deep. The event coincided with Plastic Bag Free Day and Plastic Free July.

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