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Uses for our Wholesale and Off The Shelf Bags

13th December, 2018

Our custom bags are great for personalising and making your own. They can be used to enhance your business and show that you are conscious for the environment. Our bags have been personalised for many different companies, brands and people and are great for getting bags that are ready to use or sell immediately. What about our off the shelf, wholesale bags? What can you use those for?


Personalising Your Own Bags

Our bags are perfect for people who wish to customise their own bags. Whether you wish to paint your bags, print on them yourself or even get creative in another way such as embroidering them with your own designs – they are great for any project.


Plain Bags

You may also choose to purchase our off the shelf wholesale bags to use them as they are. They make for great plain accessories, we also have a wide range of coloured cotton bags and canvas bags that would do just great as they are.

Our small pouches can be also used for grocery shopping and for giving gifts in, as well as absolutely anything else that needs a small eco-friendly alternative for storing.

Jute bags are extremely useful for doing your weekly shops as they are extremely sturdy and last a really long time. They make a great alternative to plastic bags and are much better for the environment too.

Natural Pouch

The Range

To find all of the bags we have available take a look at our off the shelf bags page. If you wish to speak to a friendly member of our team get in touch with us through our website or give us a call on: 01373 825 837

We hold a large stock of cotton bags in the UK which can be screen printed or for more complex full colour artwork heat transfer printed.

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