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What is a Tote Bag?

8th August, 2018

Tote bags are completely in fashion right now. People are switching to their eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly totes not only because they want to make a difference, but they also look so good too.

As you may or may not know, most of the bags we make are tote bags too. Whilst we call them cotton bags, jute bags, non-woven bags etc. they are all within the class of tote bags. This is because they’re made out of a wide range of materials and come in so many different sizes and styles.


What is a tote bag?

Totes bags are the category of bags that have parallel handles that emerge from the inside of the bag. They’re usually large and are either open (most common) or fastened at the top.

Examples of tote bags include our canvas bags, jute bags, woven bags, cotton bags and much more. Below are some examples of what they look like.



What are they used for?

Tote bags can come in many different colours and you can often find patterned ones and custom designs made by businesses. You may be able to remember a time you last received a tote bag at a conference or when you purchased something from one of your favourite shops. Many festivals such as Glastonbury have tote bags available to purchase too alongside other big events.

People use these bags for everyday things such as grocery shopping and many even use them in daily life as a replacement for a handbag. Others use both. Tote bags are extremely useful.


Tote bags are everywhere and they’re not going to be going out of fashion any time soon. Take a look at our range of tote bags and see which style is your favourite. Get in touch and see how we can make your dream tote bags become a reality for either personal use, business use or for any other purpose that you have in mind.

We hold a large stock of cotton bags in the UK which can be screen printed or for more complex full colour artwork heat transfer printed.

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